Nvidia Needs Fixing

Here’s the deal. Nvidia needs to shut up about it’s game plan.  It needs to just “get it done.”  

Nvidia has way too many conferences and “hot air”. 

If the product isn’t ready to ship, then shut up.  When will X be done?  I don’t want to hear about it.

Now, I am looking forward to having a CUDA 720p smartphone. Thanks.  When?  Don’t tell me.  Just GET IT DONE.

uf82 thanks you.

Short Trip on the Han River


We spent a short time on the Han River.  It was a bit breezy.  The waves were fun.  The fin on the bottom of the kayak was missing.  We must have left it in Incheon last week by mistake. Oh, well.  We did a few 360 degree turns but it was good.  Going against the wind was great and we stayed pretty straight, but turning around and going back was tough. Each wave wanted to turn us.  It was tough work to go straight.  We stayed in a very small area. It was a trail run. 

uf82 thanks you.

Hot indoors

Not a lot happening this week for me. I have cleaned up the kayak and I think it’s ready for this weekend.

The weather is so humid and hot. The humidity makes a warm day miserable.

I’m drenched in sweat periodically throughout the day and that’s indoors.

Air conditioning is expensive in Korea. It’s nothing like Texas were it was rather cheap.

There are half as many people in Texas as in Korea but air conditioning is so much more expensive here.

uf82 thanks you.

Android App: RedPhone

RedPhone by WhisperSystems

First Impression. Installed RedPhone and a friend of mine in a distant land installed it too. I’m on a dual-core snapdragon. He’s on a quad-core snapdragon. Set up, made the call.  Seemed okay for about 4 minutes before the call was dropped.  Second call was dropped after about 2 minutes.
This isn’t going too well.  If you have better luck, tell me about it in the comments below. 

Note: We did not change any settings. We used the defaults.

Currently, I use Cisco WebEx to chat online. Works great. http://www.webex.com/

uf82 thanks you.