North Korea ‘issue’

1. South Korea lives in the shadow of weekly threats to turn Seoul into a burning waste land which North Korea doesn’t need nukes to do. Seoul is very close and well in range of North Korean artillery. I don’t know of a single person in South Korea who is scared or nervous. North Korea is after one and only one thing. To preserve their family rule. They know very well, their own people could one day hang them. Again, North Korea does not want war. They want just to preserve.

2. Japan has dealt with North Korean rocket technology for a very very long time. This is nothing new.

3. Now, and only now, North Korea might, maybe, be able to soon reach Guam with a rocket. Maybe. If, and it’s a big if, North Korea can or could reach Guam with a rocket, it means nothing. Seoul and Tokyo have dealt with this for decades.

There should be no war on the Korean peninsula. In fact, the best strategic thing to do would be to force North Korea and China apart and US become North Korea’s ‘friend’ through economic means.


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