Definition of Marriage (U.S.A.)

The United States and it’s fifty states each define marriage for the purposes of giving various benefits to citizens that meet the requirements. 

I do not like government involved in marriage.  The government should not be giving out anything to any group of citizens. My view is obvious that government should be small with limited scope.

I’d sure like to know what it would take to get the idea of marriage before the supreme court in such a way that the court could rule the benefits to such a group unconstitutional.

For example, gays are currently trying to get these so called benefits from government.  What if you never want to get married? 

uf82 thanks you.

I’m determined.


In the U.S. boating is wide open.  It takes very little to get on the water. Maybe a boating license and don’t drink and drive a boat.  Basic stuff, like driving a car. 

This isn’t the U.S.  This is South Korea. A nation technically still at war.  War isn’t the problem.  Safety concerns are a problem.  The government boating restrictions are handled by something akin to the Coast Guard.  The local police have nothing to do with boating as far as I know.  Any local police would likely be working off media rumors.  Same for local populous.

Where’s the official boating rules? They aren’t easy to find.  I haven’t found them. I called 02-120 the call center for such questions and they couldn’t tell me anything more than some phone number.  The phone number is for like boating license for fishing.

I’m frustrated.  Local shops have inflatable boats galore. It’s very easy to get a very nice inflatable kayak.  Ocean type kayaks are available online from specialty shops.  Where can these boats be used?  I don’t think anyone really knows. 

I saw a group of men swimming across the “dirty” Han River Saturday.  I should have taken a picture.  I have no desire to swim in the dirty thing.  My inflatable kayak is fantastic and far safer than risking some infection swimming in the river, but swimming is supposedly “allowed” or ignored, while my boat seems, because the locals don’t seem to know, ristricted because of safety issues. Excuse me, even if one of two chambers lost air, it still wouldn’t sink. Also, I have an overrated life jacket. I weigh something like 72kg and my life jacket is rated to 90kg. The swimmers in the dirty water didn’t even have life jackets.

Another point.  These inflatable craft of all sizes, including inner tubes can be seen and used during the summer at the beach.  Excuse me, the ocean?  You’re telling me the wild ocean with it’s surf is safer than a calm river.  That’s nonsense.  

I’m determined to find out the official rules.  I think someone somewhere is confused.

Update: I’ve filed a petition for action and information regarding small craft on lakes and rivers in Korea. I included a photo of my inflatable kayak. I’m hoping for a response that is favorable. That means I find out my inflatable kayak meets requirements for use on at least specific lakes and rivers I listed in the petition. It could be two weeks before I get an answer. If anything changes I’ll try to remember to update this post.

Update 2: My petition probably finished translation and has arrived at the desk of the Korea Coast Guard.

Update 3: Usually, the person in charge of responding to an request, responds through the epeople website, but today I recieved an email saying the person at the Korean Coast Guard wanted to chat personally. I responded with my intention to call tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have another update after I chat with him.

Update 4: I received a phone call from the coast guard rep this afternoon. He said there’s no restrictions on my kayak and I can use it almost anywhere. He did say a few places where the water is for drinking was likely off limits because of stigma and local regulations, NOT because of any national rules. He’s going to look into some regulations on lakes. The ocean is completely free use except around ports due to security and safety. I asked him exactly where on some rivers were off limits. Since he’s a national rep for the Coast Guard he doesn’t know local regulations, but he’s willing to look into them.

uf82 thanks you.