TOR is the privacy network used to hide your location.  It’s designed for privacy. It is not designed for security.  Someone hosting an exit node can obtain passwords and such so do NOT mistake privacy for security.

You must use encrypted communications using TOR.  Please consider Pidgen with OTR for chatting with your friends online.  If you’re on Android, try Gibberbot. 

Use HTTPS webpages for security. 

Remember, TOR is helpful for PRIVACY, not for SECURITY.  It is not perfect. Your web browser and other applications on your computer or phone could give your location away, so again, TOR is fantastic and we’d be in trouble without it, but it only helps, it is not the end all solution some people look for.

uf82 thanks you.

Have you seen her?

Have you seen her?

It’s approaching 7:30am. The interior of the coffee shop provides a warm feeling from all the tans and browns.  The pop music love songs are making you lonelier than normal. 

Then she walks in.  She heads straight to the counter.  Your eyes meet just for a moment.  She orders a lone coffee. She turns. Your eyes meet once again. You grin. She smiles too.  She picks up her drink. She sits at a table within eye shot. 

You feel a connection.  She runs her fingers through her long dark hair. You make ever effort for more eye contact. Your heart beat rises.

She lights a cigarette. Gag.
She spits into a dish. Triple gag.

Sigh.  I should make a Youtube video where spitting into a dish is protrayed as “attractive”. LOL.  Yeah. Impossible.

uf82 thanks you.