Gold Lock (Android app)

I want to try out Gold Lock for Android.  I signed in.  It runs.  I’m confused about adding contacts.  I’ll need a couple friends to try it with me.  The manual says I have to put the device name of my contact.  Odd.  Did I put in a unique device name when I registered?  I’m not sure how that works. 

uf82 thanks you.

Saturday Trip

I went kayaking around a small island near Incheon South Korea a few hours ago.


It was my first time out on the craft. It was awesome. Peaceful. Quite quiet. Calm seas.

Then the tide went out before we could make it around the island. Dragging the inflatable to a suitable spot to deflate it cut a small hole in the outer rubber. It’s easily mended and the inner air bladder was undamaged. No leaks.

I shouldn’t have dragged it; I took a risk. I knew it. I don’t regret it.

uf82 thanks you.


How fast is your Internet connection?

Seoul’s telecoms provide free WIFI to their customers in the subway system and on many buses.  Well, I think it’s free as part of their service plans. (Buses use a kind of WIFI AP called “WiBro” to keep buses connected to the web) 

Generally, I’ve noticed LTE is faster than WIFI in Seoul.

uf82 thanks you.