Android App: RedPhone

RedPhone by WhisperSystems

First Impression. Installed RedPhone and a friend of mine in a distant land installed it too. I’m on a dual-core snapdragon. He’s on a quad-core snapdragon. Set up, made the call.  Seemed okay for about 4 minutes before the call was dropped.  Second call was dropped after about 2 minutes.
This isn’t going too well.  If you have better luck, tell me about it in the comments below. 

Note: We did not change any settings. We used the defaults.

Currently, I use Cisco WebEx to chat online. Works great.

uf82 thanks you.

Gold Lock (Android app)

I want to try out Gold Lock for Android.  I signed in.  It runs.  I’m confused about adding contacts.  I’ll need a couple friends to try it with me.  The manual says I have to put the device name of my contact.  Odd.  Did I put in a unique device name when I registered?  I’m not sure how that works. 

uf82 thanks you.

Kaspersky for Android

This is really a good app, but it has some quirks that make me really upset.

1. Randomly, without warning it disappears.  After hours and hours, I find it is missing.  I turn it on to find I have to log in again.  The app should NOT do this.


2.  The app is running. The service is running. It’s working.  I click to “enter” the app and the stupid thing stalls for what seems like forever with some lame message saying the app, which remember is ALREADY RUNNING FINE, is starting.  Excuse me, I don’t have time for your stupidity.


Why do I have to register for anti-theft before being able to see the app settings and manually scan? The app is already running. It’s scanning app updates.

Me: I want to access the settings and reports and whatnot.
App: No! You must register for anti-theft or login.
Me: Okay. I’ll enter my login credentials.
App: We’re sorry, the service is unavailable.
Me: Piece of Trash. I want to change settings.

uf82 thanks you.

MicroSD Card Problems with LG LTE2

I’ve ran into trouble with my Samsung 32gig card. It would disconnect sometimes during transfers.  I don’t know why.

I’ve bought a new 32gig SanDisk card to see if it fixes the problem.  I’ve also changed Kaspersky back to recommended scan instead of the extended setting which might have caused problems since it monitored everything.

I’ll report if the problem continues or goes away. 

uf82 thanks you.